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Raising Beef for Your Family

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide our customers with a healthy, hormone/steroid free animal that is ready for slaughter. We strive for consistency, as well as, for quality at the best possible price.

Who We Are

We are a small family owned business; owned and operated by Bob Thrush. We are small enough to be flexible to meet the needs of the individual customer and recognize that not all of our customer's families are looking for the same product. Some individuals are concerned about growth hormones, as well as, the solutions injected into meat in the commercial industry. Some families are looking for an economical way to feed their family.

Bob worked as a cowboy on Arizona and Montana ranches during his teen years. As a young adult, he took a job as a clean up in the meat department of a local grocery store. Bob has been a journeyman meat cutter since 1989. Bob started Thrush's Processing in 1992, to serve the local hunters during hunting season. KD Cattle Co., was born in 2005 to meet the demand for a quality beef for our customers. Bob wanted a consistent beef at a reasonable price. In order to be able to control the quality he decided that he would raise a few beef himself. Big Red Steer

Grass/Corn Fed Beef

We purchase 700-800# cattle from various ranchers. These cattle are brought to our corral and fed either a combination of alfalfa hay and rolled corn that could also contain either wheat or oat. KD beef typically gain 3-4# a day and are on this feeding regiment for approximately 100 days. They, at no time, receive steroids, hormones or antibiotics as a part of their weight gain regiment. The animal typically weighs 900-1100# when it is ready to be butchered. This depends on the breed and whether they are a steer or a heifer. The animal then changes ownership to the purchaser(s) and is inspected for slaughter by the Arizona Dept of Agriculture. KD Cattle Co then arranges with Thrush's Processing to slaughter the animal. You can purchase the entire animal or a share of the beef ranging from quarters to halves. The average hanging weight is between 550-600#. The price is $4.25 per lb on the hanging weight, which includes the processing.

Grass Fed Beef

We have added an area for grass fed beef. So if you are looking for a grassfed animal, we have this option as well. Our price is $4.25 per lb hanging weight. This includes the processing fees. The average weight on a grassfed carcass is between 500-550#.


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